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I get this question a lot with a skeptical look, “Can you really use EFT to find love??” The answer is absolutely YES!

I am personally very passionate about this subject because I suffered for years around the subject of LOVE. You name it, I did it. I kept attracting the wrong person, looking for my life purpose within someone else, I was codependent no matter how hard I tried not to be, I couldn’t let go of my Ex, and I wouldn’t even be remotely interested in someone who was a fantastic catch. I literally walked around in fear, frustration, loneliness, and a whole lot of sadness around this subject. I am happy, now, to report that my life has completely changed after using this simple and powerful technique to totally change my romantic relationship reality. I tapped, and tapped, and tapped some more. I tapped so much, it is now hard to even remember the sensation of that pain & loneliness. I am happy with myself. I feel grounded in who I am, and grateful for not having this issue be in my awareness at all. Which is a wonderfully attractive place to be and thrive.

If you are tired of suffering around the topic of love and romance, I invite you to try my course on the DailyOM, “From Heartbreak to Soulmate with the Magic of Tapping.” Thousands of people have taken this course now and finding freedom, and you can too, for only $15! Join me for 21-Days of EFT and please let me know what you think.

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Love, Steph

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