Hacking Reality

Why can hacking your reality with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) be beneficial? And completely change your life for the better?

The definition of Hackers according to Wikipedia:

Individuals who enjoy the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming limitations of software systems to achieve novel and clever outcomes.

This is what EFT tapping can do; ease emotional stress, decrease negative thinking, discharge traumatic memories from our mind, body, and spirit. Yes, you can “hack” into another reality, and leave behind old limiting beliefs that are not serving us any longer. 

To learn more about how, I encourage you to pick up the following book, Hacking Reality, written by my teacher and friend, Rob Nelson

“Your operating system is a complex system of beliefs, understandings, reflexes, and triggers – code which likely contains inconsistencies, errors, and perhaps a virus or two. Your own personal operating system entirely generates your experience of life. Not just your thoughts and feelings, but also your physical health. Incredibly, most of us are basically still running whatever operating system that was installed in us by age 7. This book is about debugging your system and installing some crucial upgrades.” -Rob Nelson

If you are interested in learning more about EFT and finding more freedom in everyday life, definitely check out this book, and another one of my favorites, The Science Behind Tapping  , by the talented Peta Stapleton.

You can also take a workshop in-person here with me in Sacramento, Ca. There are also available workshops in Santa Rosa, Reno, LA, and Houston. See list of upcoming workshops HERE to learn EFT Level 1 & 2

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