Stephanie is a Certified EFT Trainer for Tapping the Matrix Academy, teaching EFT Levels 1 & 2

Come learn this powerful tool in Sacramento! Come learn EFT in the heart of California’s Farm to Fork Capital, only about 15 minutes from the Sacramento airport. Now offering Virtual workshops too!

About EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or “Tapping” is a surprisingly simple, easy-to-use and permanent way of helping almost anyone with almost anything. Join trainer Stephanie Dodds and learn how to rapidly clear anxiety, neutralize traumatic memories, erase addictive cravings and address physical conditions like allergies, pain, fibromyalgia, etc. by releasing their emotional contributors.

If you’ve heard great things about “tapping” and want to learn it from a professional Trainer, our Level 1 will give you a solid foundation to experience these amazing results for yourself and offer them to your clients, friends or love ones. Learn more about EFT HERE.

This is NOT a dry,
academic training

They’re fun and fast paced, with exercises, practice sessions and live demonstrations. And plenty of opportunity to work through your own issues. You’ll enjoy powerful growth experiences that give you the skills and confidence you need to be a successful practitioner.

In Level 1 You’ll Learn:

  • What is EFT and what makes it so effective?
  • The Basic Recipe and the 9 Gamut Procedure
  • Knowing what to say
  • Being Specific and Focusing on the Negative
  • Secondary Gain
  • Understanding Emotional Trauma
  • The Tell a Story Technique
  • Cravings and Addictions
  • Protocols for Physical Issues
  • What to do when EFT isn’t working
  • The Personal Peace Procedure

Our workshops are designed to train professional EFT practitioners, but can be taken by anyone seeking powerful personal growth & transformation.
You don’t have to enroll in our certification program to enjoy them.

If you do want to start an EFT practice, or add EFT to your existing healing arts business, we offer you personalized, state-of-the-art training.

Becoming a highly successful EFT practitioner is more than just memorizing new skills. We help you develop your intuition, experience real confidence, release your own blocks to success and deeply ground yourself in using this powerful tool.


Our Level 1 EFT provides a powerful and incredibly useful section on understanding and resolving traumatic memories, based on the work of Peter Levine and Dr. Robert Scaer. Even if you have no desire to ever deal with traumatic memories, they do have a way of showing up! That’s why we cover this in Level 1. Students tell us this section alone was worth the price of the workshop.

Your Trainer

Stephanie Dodds is director of the Emotional Freedom Academy and a Certified EFT trainer for Tapping the Matrix Academy. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and Health Education from Chico State, 2005. Steph trained with Tapping the Matrix Academy founder & Director, Rob Nelson and is certified in both EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. She makes profound change-work fun and enjoyable, deeply loves this work & has a private practice in Sacramento, Ca.